• Our 6th Annual Adventure Running Kids MUD RUN is in May in Burlington!
  • Adventure Running Kids Summer Day Camps! SUMMER 2016 in HAMILTON
  • This September help raise money for Kids For Kenya at our 5th Annual Toilet Run! XC-running and obstacles!
  • SPRING ARK FEST! Join other ARKers on June 12th in Oakville!


ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is an adventure running program for kids aged 6-12 that builds stronger, faster and smarter runners and an appreciation of the environment. ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® combines trail running, navigation, cross country running and obstacles into a fun and muddy eco-adventure that also teaches problem solving skills that are valuable in training, racing and life.

ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® (ARK) is a 12-week adventure running program grounded on the four FUNdamentals of adventure running: Endurance, Agility, Speed, and Navigation. Each week kids participate in fun and energetic activities designed around two of these FUNdamentals cycling through all four activities once every two weeks.  ARK activities include obstacle courses, capture the flag, hill running, the very popular mud run, and more. The 12-week adventure culminates with a fun weeknight adventure running race and the weekend ARK FEST where kids get to meet participants from ARK locations throughout the Golden Horseshoe.

ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is offered in the spring and fall and has three levels:
  • U8 ARK (ages 6-8)  - Born in 2008, 2009 or before March 31st in 2010 (before Sept. 30th, 2010 for fall session)
  • U10 ARK (ages 9-10) - Born in 2006 or 2007
  • U12 ARK ATTACK (ages 11-12)  - Born in 2004 or 2005

Born 2003 or earlier? Visit Adventure Running X

U8 ARK & U10 ARK: $99 plus a $10 pinnie deposit.
U12 ARK ATTACK:    $115 plus a $10 pinnie deposit.
Cost includes one hour per week of weeknight programming over the 12-week season and entry in the end of season “ARK FEST” (June 12th)
DontGetLost Adventure Running offers adventure running programs for youth aged 6-18.
ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is an adventure running program for kids aged 6-12.
ADVENTURE RUNNING X is an adventure running program for teenagers aged 13-18.