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  • Xtreme Days! All ARX locations join in a day of training, races and xtreme adventure games!
  • XPLORE! Summer Adventure Travel (Xplore the Rockies! 2016)
  • ARX XCEL athletes have won 77 medals at Nationals since 2013!
  • X LEAGUE: Weeknight race series in winter, spring and fall.
  • ARX athletes also volunteer as coaches in our ARK programs!



July 28-August 6st, 2017
2017 Nationals in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Website here
There will be options to join the trip after the Eastern Canadians and after the junior camp.
We will prepare an estimate thruogh winter of 2017. Previous trips have been in the $1000 range.
Fee will include all accommodation, training camp and race entry, all breakfast and dinners. Lunches are not included.
How will they get there?
We will be driving in our Milton Toyota ARKmobiles!
What's the SPOTT Camp?
It's an annual, national training camp. A chance for kids from across the country to get together, meet, train, bond and have a great time.
How do I sign up?
Soon we will open a Zone4 online registration form which will open January 1st. We do not require a full payment, but a non-refundable 25% deposit so we will be able to begin making bookings and registrations. Deposit is required by April 30th. Full payment by cheque required by July 20th.
Who will be escorting the kids?
ARK program managers Meghan and Patrick will be along for the ride. Both have extensive experience with these style of road trips - Meghan as team leader for the Canadian National Team for many years in trips to Europe and Patrick as coach of the Tasmanian Junior Team back in Australia.
Please contact MThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

ARX XCEL athletes and other DontGetLost junior athletes have won 94 medals at Nationals over the last four years - more than any other organization in Canada.

Nationals 2013 (Hamilton): 13 Gold, 10 Silver, 7 Bronze
Nationals 2014 (Whistler): 11 Gold, 5 Silver, 7 Bronze
Nationals 2015 (Maritimes): 11 Gold, 5 Silver, 8 Bronze
Nationals 2016 (Rockies): 4 Gold, 7 Silver, 6 Bronze