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ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is a 12 week adventure running program for kids aged 6 and up that builds stronger, faster and smarter runners and an appreciation of the environment. ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® combines trail running, navigation, cross country running and obstacles into a fun and muddy eco-adventure that also teaches problem solving skills that are valuable in training, racing and life.

The 12-week adventure culminates with a fun weeknight adventure running race and the weekend ARK FEST where kids get to meet participants from ARK locations throughout the Golden Horseshoe.



Oakville Burlington  Guelph Milton
Niagara KW Hamilton Hamilton

Spring season registration opens mid-December

ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is offered in the spring and fall and has a number of age levels:

Level Age4 Year Born Cost
U8 ARK 6-8 2010-20121 $1102
U10 ARK 9-10 2008-2009 $1102
U12 ARK Attack 11-12 2006-2007 $1252
U14 ARX3 13-14 2004-2005 $1455
U18 ARX3 15-18 2003 or earlier $1455
All fees do not include online processing charge
1 Participant MUST have turned 6 on the start date of the program. This is a firm cut off.
2 Additional $15 deposit required for pinnie rental
3 Visit Adventure Running X for more info on the teen program
4 Age is at the end of the year
Additional $10 compass rental fee + $20 deposit
ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is powered by Stoked Oats!
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