• 7th Annual Mud Run: May 6, 2017 in Burlington
  • Adventure Running Kids Summer Day Camps! SUMMER 2017 in HAMILTON
  • This September help raise money for Kids For Kenya at our 6th Annual Toilet Run! XC-running and obstacles!
  • SPRING ARK FEST! Join other ARKers on June 11 in Milton!

ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is a 12 week adventure running program for kids aged 6-12 that builds stronger, faster and smarter runners and an appreciation of the environment. ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® combines trail running, navigation, cross country running and obstacles into a fun and muddy eco-adventure that also teaches problem solving skills that are valuable in training, racing and life.

The 12-week adventure culminates with a fun weeknight adventure running race and the weekend ARK FEST where kids get to meet participants from ARK locations throughout the Golden Horseshoe.

ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is offered in the spring and fall and has three levels:
  • U8 ARK (ages 6-8)  - Born in 2009, 2010 or before March 18th in 2011
  • U10 ARK (ages 9-10) - Born in 2007 or 2008
  • U12 ARK ATTACK (ages 11-12)  - Born in 2005 or 2006

Born 2004 or earlier? Visit Adventure Running X

U8 ARK & U10 ARK: $105 plus a $10 pinnie deposit.
U12 ARK ATTACK:    $120 plus a $10 pinnie deposit.
Cost includes one hour per week of weeknight programming over the 12-week season and entry in the end of season “ARK FEST” (June 11)
DontGetLost Adventure Running offers adventure running programs for youth aged 6-18.
ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is an adventure running program for kids aged 6-12.
ADVENTURE RUNNING X is an adventure running program for teenagers aged 13-18.