• ARX is ADVENTURE RUNNING X for teens! Xplore! Xtreme! Xcel!
  • Xtreme Days! All ARX locations join in a day of training, races and xtreme adventure games!
  • XPLORE! Summer Adventure Travel (Xplore the Rockies! 2016)
  • ARX XCEL athletes have won 77 medals at Nationals since 2013!
  • X LEAGUE: Weeknight race series in winter, spring and fall.
  • ARX athletes also volunteer as coaches in our ARK programs!

JUNE 23rd-24 Mini Training Camp @ Camp Manitou (7484 Twiss Rd, Milton)


ARXers from all programs are invited to a mini-camp of navigation training and fun games at Camp Manitou Scout Camp. ARXers can choose to come just for the Saturday night or stay over and camp with us until mid-day Sunday. Adults are invited to join us for the Saturday evening navigation fun. 



6 PM Arrival and set up (light snacks)

7-8pm Navigation Session

8-9pm BBQ and S'mores

9-10pm Night Navigation Activity


8:30 Breakfast 

9:30 Group Game

10-11 Navigation training

11-12 Pack up and lunch

12pm Leave


Junior (ARX participant 13-18): $30 Full Weekend;  $15 Saturday

Adult Saturday: $20

ADVENTURE RUNNING X combines trail running, navigation, cross country running and obstacles into a fun and muddy eco-adventure that also teaches problem solving skills that are valuable in training, racing and life.

ADVENTURE RUNNING X (ARX) is an adventure running program for teenagers who want to build on their previous Adventure Running Kids®, cross country running, and/or outdoor adventure experience and meet other adventure athletes.  ARX begins to incorporate formalized training methods and race tactics while continuing the fun and muddy adventure from Adventure Running Kids. At the end of season participants compete against all ARX teens from the different locations at ARKFEST.

ADVENTURE RUNNING X has four programs for teens born in 2004 or earlier.
  •  U14 ARX (ages 13-14) - Born in 2004 or 2003.
  •  U18 ARX  (ages 13-18) - Born in 2004 or earlier.
  •  ARX XCEL  (ages 13-18) - An optional 2nd weeknight of navigation training and racing per week
  •  ARXtra (ages 13-18) - An optional 2nd weeknight of ARX for double the fun! (Niagara only)
  • TRAVEL SQUAD (ages 13-18) 
U14/U18ARX: $140/season* + $10 compass rental  REGISTER HERE SPRING 2018
* Cost includes one hour per week of weeknight programming over the 12-week season, free participation in the end of season ARKFEST (June 11), and HST.This season, we are trying a new way of managing our compasses. We will be renting a compass to each person for $10 (There will be a $30 deposit and $20 will be refunded at the end of the season when the compass is returned).  This compass will be the personal compass of the participant for the whole season. He/she will take it home and it will be up to the participant to bring their compass on navigation nights. We will also be offering a basic thumb compass ($30) and a premium thumb compass ($55) for purchase.The basic thumb compass is a good compass and is suitable for all ARX sessions. The premium thumb compass has a faster, more stable needle and should be considered by those interested in attending races.You can also provide your own compass but it must be a specialty sport orienteering compass. These compasses are very uncommon in the general retail market so unless you purchased a compass specifically for sport orienteering/adventure running it is unlikely to be the correct type. Please feel free to ask if you are unsure. If you do bring your own compass and we decide that it is not suitable, we will ask you to rent one.
ARX XCEL: $100/season (must be registered in an ARX program)* REGISTER HERE FOR XCEL SPRING 2018
*Cost includes all 6 Fall 2017 Xleague races, 6 1 hour weeknight training sessions, and entry to all Fall DGL races and HST.
ARX XCEL is a 2nd night of ARX a week for those interested in doing more navigation.

The program runs on Thursdays from March 22nd - June 7th and includes 6 1-hour instructional practice sessions (NEXT), 6 informal evening races (X-LEAGUE), and entry into our season ending Jungle Adventure Run race. 

We are offering 3 levels of instruction so everyone (from complete beginners to very experienced navigators who just want to keep their skills fresh) can participate. The levels are not set in stone, so if you feel that you are not in the right one after a couple of weeks there is room to move.

Beginner (6-7pm on NEXT NIGHTS) - Perfect for people who have never done much navigation. We will start at the very beginning of compass skills, map interpretation, distance control, and travelling efficiently through the forest

Intermediate (7-8pm on NEXT NIGHTS) - Perfect for those who have done some navigation races or clinics but want to perfect some of their skills and learn strategies for navigating with more precision and fewer errors

Advanced (7-8pm on NEXT NIGHTS) - Perfect for experienced navigators who can get through most technical navigation challenges without too many problems. The advanced program will given you the opportunity to keep your skills sharp, challenge your abilities with tricky exercises, and try new advanced techniques.

X-LEAGUE races will always start at 7PM and last between 30-45 minutes.

Cost: $115

ARXtra: $70/season (Niagara only; must be registered in ARX program)


Adventure Running X runs in all the same locations as our ARK programs except for Stoney Creek.

Clicking on the location link will take you to the ARK location page, this will give you the location meet points throughout the season.

Night Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday














Niagara (ARXtra 6:45-7:45pm)















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ADVENTURE RUNNING KIDS® is an adventure running program for kids aged 6-12.
ADVENTURE RUNNING X is an adventure running program for teenagers aged 13-18.